Catch My Death Lyrics by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Catch My Death Lyrics
Let me catch what's left
Let me see what's left
Let me see what's true
Do I really want to
Run from my depths
Will I have regrets
Will I ever find you
Will I ever find words
That give me motive to express

Will I go unfed
Will I be the one who rushed on in
To where angel fear to tread
Was it me who bled
On the new death bed
And there is no fear
When you're leaning on love
Those grateful dead

Someone like you
To research the meaning of love
Someone, I do
To be there when push comes to shove
The ending, the must

Let me play my rest
When I do regress
Let it all unwind
To the board unless
Less I second guess
Look into the sky
Where we all comply
With something higher than the
Rest my love, sail through


Sky all around
Fell to the ground
Now I'm a child
Stayed for a while

Is it meaningless
But we all protest
To the last request
Is there anything you
could now suggest
Did I do my best
Did I leave it better
Even though we look to be
Just mildly obsessed with you
Sail through


Someone like you
To be there

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