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The Real McKenzies Lyrics

Pour Decisions Lyrics

i'm living up in Canada, and i'm Canadian
Scottish Canadian with opportunity
i could have been a manager of a brewery
making beer for everyone but most of all for me
my father was a soda jerk, my mom an office clerk
but neither one of those was good enough for me
i could have moved into the hill, and ran a few stills
and made a fortune selling hooch beyond the law

pour decisions, a punk musician just ain't as cute at 53

i used to be a lumberjack, and i'm ok with that
i wore suspenders, little panties, and a bra
i used to be a socialist, a sort of communist
now i'm a pessimist and i don't care at all
i could have been a minister, a holy predator
a man of faith you really wouldn't want to meet
perhaps a Scientologist, just as a hobbyist
and start a cult that's turning people into sheep

pour decisions, a punk musician just ain't as cute at 53
i have forsaken money makin'
yeah, you still wish you were me

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