I'm That... (Remix) Lyrics by R. City

R. City Lyrics

I'm That... (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro: Beenie Man]
(Ay!) It's the remix (refix it), Rock City
Lock city, and si Beenie Man, Rock City
(Let's start it like this)
Oh nah nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah, Rock City
Oh nah nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah, ni!

[Hook: Timothy]
Sim simma, I just wan' buy me a Beamer
Tick tick, blow up! Hiroshima!
Who am I? I'm that nigga!
Who am I? I'm that nigga!

[Verse 1: Beenie Man]
From the Beamer to Bugatti, roll out and lean back
Rock City, realer city, man, I spit fire pon this mean track
Step out to the big crew and bro dem boy no think ya about peacock
The last boy passing place boy passing place a load then they sit back
Out the club, we make the greenery and, welcome to the real game
My diamonds hurts when haters must feel pain
Ferrari pon me key chain, 50 grand for each gem
Girl dem love my rhythm, know St. Moses is my real EM


[Verse 2: Azealia Banks]
Boss bitch and I'm flossy, lost? Bitch I got trophies
Big Benz or that Porschy, ooh, let me get that frosty
Powder bent, Bentley, power bitch, I'm a rare breed
Doing donuts in Raris, be wings on them car keys
Take off in that 4-5, G-glide in that all-white
Chloride, oh my, she roll-ride, I'm so high
Coco in that dope ride, rims blind 'em like sunshine
That money talk and you tongue tied
On them sidewalks while I pop mine, uh
Yup, we got it, yup yup, we know
Y'all never had it, y'all bitches always broke
Yup, we got it, yup yup, we know
Them bitches be the maddest whenever I say hello


[Verse 3: Theron]
Yo, who's that man from Houzin, comin' and he never gon' stop?
Who's that man that come from nothing straight off of the block?
Who's that man that don't say nothing, don't talk to the cops?
Asking the man where they from, you don't know what we do say
We come from the rock! Rock
City's the name, me and you, we not the same
That's why we changing the game, simple and plain
Big man, you know that is weak
When you say "There goes ya chain"
When I was small, used to pick up girls in safaris!
Now I pickin' up punanis in Ferraris!

[Verse 4: Timothy]
When niggas hear you from a island
First thing that they think is you live on a beach
Grew up in the ghetto where they pack a metal
That will lift you off your feet
They be acting like they want some beef
Until you see 'em in the streets
And find out that they vegetarians
These haters never wanna meet
You should already know who it is
Dem Virgin Island boy
Who runnin' the game and doin' it big
You know what them call me
Timo, Timo, it's Theron brother, Timo
My father name me Timo
When you see me! (Call me Timo)

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