Sensitivity Lyrics by Ralph Tresvant

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Sensitivity Lyrics
listen baby let me erase those tears from that insensitivity
there's better things for you
someone who cares someone who'll need you someone with senstiivity

Verse1 Girl, I know it's been hard since he went away
and left you so sad you cry everyday
let me kiss your tears erase all your doubts
because for you i'm here, you won't be withoutLOVE!
Don't need a man who can give you money
com'on let me show you just what you need honey(i got what you need)
you need a man with sensitivity (a man like me)

someone who can love you
someone who will need you
someone who will treat you right (like me girl)
someone who will hold you tight
someone stable in your life (ah baby)
you need a man with sensitivity
a man like me (baby)(honey)

baby and i'm the man (ah you no , you no)
baby like i do baby (hang in their baby)
you need a man with sensitvity
a man like me

rap part
see you need someone who's their like a gentleman
if anybody can fit the description baby i can
someone who cares and dares to give himself completely
you got it in me you need a man with sensitivity

you need a man (3x's)
not any man
warm and sensitive that's what i can give
man with sensitivity
a man like me


last verse
save a little love for me (sensitivity)
baby i got what you need(i got it)

hold on my darling
don't let me down

chorus till fade

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