I Believe Lyrics by Queensryche

Queensryche Lyrics

I Believe Lyrics
[Special Edition Bonus Track]

Honor means nothing today.
Close your eyes lock your back door.
You're gonna give it. It's what I believe. I believe.

I'm afraid he's taken over the plane ... with green shampoo.
But what the doctor gave him ...? It doesn't make the news.
It's what I believe. I believe.

Now you're elected play the game.
I don't need Jesus or Santa Claws telling me how to live.
I can't wait for the day. It's what I believe.

Temperatures are running hot, each side about to blow.
Men predict then soon forget, while we wait for the whole damn thing to explode.
I can't wait for that day. It's what I believe. It's what I believe.

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