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Day Drinking Lyrics
[Chorus - Heymous Molly:]
Day drinking
Sun goes up and drink goes down
Gonna pass another round
To you and me and all these crazy muthaf*ckers

[Verse 1 - Pitbull:]
In Little Havana
We be eatin' tore up from the floor up, gettin' hammered
Can you go down, down, baby, "Country Grammar"
Sorry Miss Thang, pardon my grammar
But I got gifts and hoes, call me Santa

[Pre-Chorus - Heymous Molly:]
We don't need no holiday
No we don't
We ain't even on Spring break
Cause I know
We can make our own va-cay
And I can show you how we do it

[Chorus - Heymous Molly]

[Verse 2 - Pitbull:]
Yeah we like to party
And like to f*ck to "Drunk In Love", Beyoncé
Do ya thang, who cares what they all say
Put your lips like a ring around my Woo!
Now that's a fian-stay

[Pre-Chorus - Heymous Molly]

[Chorus - Heymous Molly]

[Bridge x4 - Heymous Molly & Pitbull:]
To the left, to the right
To never waiting for the night

[Chorus - Heymous Molly]
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