Come Get It Bae Lyrics by Pharrell Williams

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Come Get It Bae Lyrics
(feat. Miley Cyrus)

[Intro: Pharrell]
You miss me?
I miss all of y'all
Why y'all girls standin' together like that, I can't take it

[Verse 1: Pharrell]
Women, I can do anything you like
I can do anything you need
And I got a better body
Than the magazines you read

[Refrain: Pharrell]
None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy
And if they tried, they can not do it just like me

[Pre-Chorus: Miley Cyrus]
I know you certainly been gone
And it's been much too long
And there's some things we need to do
So I know you need to get home

[Chorus: Both]
Come get it bae
Come get it bae
Come get it bae
Come get it bae
You wanna ride it, my motorcycle
You've got a license, but you got the right to
Gonna pop a wheelie, don't try too high too
Take it easy on the clutch, cause girl I like you

[Verse 2: Pharrell]
I can see it the way you like
I can do anything you need
I can give you dirty looks
Like them niggas that's on T.V




[Bridge: Both]
There comes a time (comes a time), the craving will grab your wrist
You'll need a sugar fix, baby
There comes a time (comes a time), and you won't believe what you'll do
When that sugar's callin' you
Girl, there will come a time (sugar, sugar), this is where you wanna be
H-O-M-E, (sugar, sugar) satisfaction guaranteed
And there will come a time, this is where you wanna be
Cause it's everything you need, you will only find in me

Come get it bae [x4]

Writer: Pharrell Williams
Copyright: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

Come Get It Bae Info:

• The song features Miley Cyrus on back-up vocals.

• "Bae" is short for "Before Anything Else". It's also another way to say babe or baby.

• The song is featured in Red Bull's 2014 commercial "World of Red Bull"

From the Album:
G I R L (2014)

May 8, 2014




Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Music video:
"Come Get It Bae" on YouTube

The music video was released July 23, 2014. Miley Cyrus also appears in it.

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