Phantom Blue Lyrics

Phantom Blue Lyrics

From the Album Full Blown (1998) (buy at
Full Blown
I'm So Happy
My Turn
Chance On You

From the Album Caught Live (1997) (buy at
Caught Live
Anti-love Crunch
Bad Reputation
Little Man
Strange War
In The Likes Of You
Move Over
Satu Saju (Jojo's Solo)
Bleeding From Nowhere
Fairies Wear Boots
Violin Song
Going Mad
Gigi's Bogus Bonus Track

From the Album Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts (1995) (buy at
Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts
My Brain Hurts A Lot
Strange Blue Mercy
Fairies Wear Boots
Bad Dreams
Strange War
Hangin' On
Say A Little Prayer
You're Not Alone
In the Likes Of You
Strike Me Down
Caught In The Fire
Slow Suicide
Saturday Morning Brain Damage

From the Album My Misery (1993) (buy at
My Misery
My Misery
My Misery (Acoustic)
Strange Blue Mercy

From the Album Built To Perform (1993) (buy at
Built To Perform
Nothing Good
Time To Run
Bad Reputation
My Misery
Little Man
Better Off Dead
Anti Love Crunch
Loved Ya To Pieces
So Easy
Lied To Me
A Little Evil
You're Free

From the Album Why Call It Love? (1989) (buy at
Why Call It Love?
Why Call It Love? (Edit)
Fought It Out

From the Album Phantom Blue (1989) (buy at
Phantom Blue
Going Mad
Last Shot
Why Call It Love
Frantic Zone
Slow It Down
Walking Away
Fought It Out
Never Too Late
Out Of Control

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