Oleanna Lyrics by Pete Seeger

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Oleanna Lyrics
Oh, to be in Oleanna!
That's where I'd like to be,
Than be bound in Norway,
And drag the chains of slavery.

Ole, Oleanna, Ole, Oleanna,
Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Oleanna.

In Oleanna land is free,
The wheat and corn just plant themselves,
Then grow a good four feet a day,
While on your bed you rest yourself.

Beer as sweet as Muchener
Springs from the ground and flows away,
The cows all like to milk themsleves
And hens lay eggs ten times a day.

Little roasted piggies
Just rush about the city streets,
Inquiring so politely if
A slice of ham you'd like to eat.

Aye, if you'd begin to live,
To Oleanna you must go,
The poorest wretch in Norway
Becomes a Duke in a year or so.

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