Peter And The Test Tube Babies Lyrics

Peter And The Test Tube Babies Lyrics

From the Album Supermodels (1995) (buy at

Giving Up Drinking
Shake My World
Mr Mortgage
U Bore Me
Love Is Dead
Crying In The Snow
Dog Society
Chasing Shadows
Bad Loser
Let's Do Lunch
Busy Doing Nothing

From the Album Cringe (1991) (buy at

Shit British Tour
The Gardener
Launch 'Em Now
Reality Calling
The Man Who Did Nothing
Bare Necessities
Weekend Warrior
V.D.U Head
Shit At It
There's A Penis On My Shoulder
Tuinal Shuffle
Goodbye Forever
Latent Psychosis

From the Album The $Hit Factory (1990) (buy at
The $Hit Factory
I Ju$t ¬Ďan't Wait
Toy Boy
Nothing'$ Gonna $top U$ Now
I'd Rather Jack
When I Fall In Love
Love In The Fir$t Degree
Harder I Try
Hand On Your Heart
E$pecially For You
Never Gonna Give You Up
Too Many Broken Heart$
Who'$ Leaving Who?

From the Album Soberphobia (1986) (buy at

Key To The City
Louise Wouldn't Like It
Spirit Of Keith Moon
Allergic To Life
All About Love
He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out)
Every Time I See Her
Ghost In My Bedsit
Every Second Counts

From the Album The Loud Blaring Punk Rock Album (1985) (buy at

Oral Annie
We're Too Drunk
Pick Yer Nose (And Eat It)
I Lust For The Disgusting Things In Life
Tupperware Party
Breast Cancer
Student Wankers
Big Mouth
Child Molester
Porno Queen
Being Sick
Beat Up The Mods
Get 'Em In (And Get 'Em Off)
Rock 'N' Roll Is Shit

From the Album The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs (1983) (buy at

Guest List
One Night Stand
Let's Burn
The Jinx
Blown Out Again
Eater Bank Holiday '83
No Invitation
Pissed Punks (Go For It)
Never Made It

From the Album Pissed & Proud (1980) (buy at

Moped Lads
Banned From The Pubs
Elvis Is Dead
Up Yer Bum
Smash 'N' Grab Raid
Run Like Hell
Intensive Care
Keep Britain Untidy

Other Songs:
Peacehaven Wild Kids
Rotting In The Fart Sack
Smiling Through The Tears
Ten Deadly Sins
Trapper Ain't Got A Bird
Zombie Creeping Flesh

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