Peccatum Lyrics

Peccatum Lyrics

From the Album The Moribund People (2005) (buy at
The Moribund People
The Moribund People
A Penny's Worth Of Heart
For All Those Who Died

From the Album Lost In Reverie (2004) (buy at
Lost In Reverie
Desolate Ever After
In The Bodiless Heart
Parasite My Heart
Veils Of Blue
Black Star
The Banks Of This River Is Night

From the Album Amor Fati (2000) (buy at
Amor Fati
One Play. No Script.
No Title For A Cause
A Game Divine?
Rise, Ye Humans
Between The Living And The Dead
The Watchers Mass (Part 1)
The Watchers Mass (Part 2)

From the Album Strangling From Within (1999) (buy at
Strangling From Within
Part One: The Black And White Was Meant For Nothing
Part Two: The Carrier Of Sorrow Transforms
And Pray For Me
The World Of No Worlds

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