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Paul Wall Lyrics

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From the Album No Sleep Til Houston (2012) (buy at
No Sleep Til Houston
Im Real, You Fake
Bread On The Menu
Right Now
Bad Bitchez
She Likes It
I Get It
That's The Way Luv Goes
1st Time You Say No
She Kno It

From the Album Heart Of A Champion (2010) (buy at

Take Notes
I'm On Patron
Round Here
Stay Iced Up
Ain't A Thang
Smoke Everyday
Live It
Not My Friend (performed by Expensive Taste featuring Slim Thug)
Still On
Heart Of A Hustler (Expensive Taste solo)

From the Album The Fast Life (2009) (buy at

I Need Mo
Got To Get It
Bizzy Body
Lemon Drop
I Grind
Daddy Wasn't Home (Mama Raised Me)
Pop One Of These (feat. Too Short, Skinhead Rob & The Federation)
One Hundred
I'm Clean
Look At Me Now

From the Album Get Money, Stay True (2007) (buy at

Get Your Paper Up
Everybody Know Me
Break 'Em Off
I'm Throwed
On The Grind
Bangin' Screw
How Gangstas Roll
That Fire
Gimme That
I'm Real, What Are You?
I Ain't Hard To Find
Slidin' On That Oil

From the Album The Peoples Champ (2005) (buy at

I'm A Playa
They Don't Know
Ridin' Dirty
State To State
So Many Diamonds
Smooth Operator
Sittin' Sidewayz
Internet Going Nutz
Sippin' Tha Barre
Drive Slow
March N' Step
Got Plex
Big Ballin'
Sip-N-Get High
Just Paul Wall

From the Album Controversy Sells (2005) (buy at

Still (N Love With My Money)
Here I Am
I Got Game
Respect My Grind
Lawyer Fees
Can't Give U Da World
What Would U Do
Back Up Plan
She Gansta
House Of Pain
True [remix]

From the Album How To Be A Player (2004) (buy at

All Eyez On Me Freestyle
Be Easy (Flow)
Bounce Back Freestyle
Game Over (Flip) Freestyle
Gymc Song
Lick Freestyle
Playa Made
They Don't Know
They Don't Know Freestyle
Play Dirty
N Luv Wit My Money
Thinking Of You
Oh No
Game Over Freestyle
Who Gives A F*ck

From the Album The Chick Magnet (2004) (buy at

They Don't Know
Dat's What Dat Is
What Cha Gon Do
Why You Peepin Me
Chick Magnet
Am What I Am
Tryin To Get Paid
Break Bread
Oh No
Know What I'm Talkin' About
Did I Change
Hustler Stackin' Ends
My Life

From the Album Get Ya Mind Correct (2002) (buy at

My Money Gets Jealous
N Luv Wit My Money
Thinkin' Thoed
U Owe Me
The Other Day
Game Over
I Wanna Get
Balla Talk Ii
Go Grind
Luv N My Life
U Already Know
Play Dirty
Outro - Chamillionaire

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Girl On Fire
I'm A Pimp
Johnny Dang's Watch Froze
Pop One Of These
So Fly
That's The Way Luv Goes
Thinking Of You

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