Mutiny Lyrics by Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive Lyrics

Mutiny Lyrics
The deepest circle of Hell is reserved for betrayers and mutiniers.

F*cked up memories.
We're dead at every turn.
So spin your f*cking shit and we'll die with every twist of tongue.
Your hollow gaze has shifted past my eyes.
Another dead face fades away.
Now what's left to take?
Another day I regret your memory.
In my mind you will never be more that this.
So what's left to f*cking take?
Now my trust is gone.
As your world comes crashing down I'm going to watch it f*cking burn.
Everything we had lies in pieces.
Everything we had f*cking dies... tonight.
Through those deceiving eyes I've seen the blackest heart.
The blackest heart.
Everything you love f*cking dies tonight.

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