Idols And Anchors Lyrics by Parkway Drive

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Idols And Anchors Lyrics

From the Album: Horizons

you're heroes have fallen,
the sun is rising.

so torch every banner,
every hope of surviving,
the sun is breaking,
security has left you, treading water.

now taste the fear,
taste the uncertainty

what will your do?
when theres nothing left for you to cling to,

what will you do?
when you life breaks lose.

thrive in your emptiness,
burn all you love, theres no hope for the weak
your heros have died

no hope
no health

face to face, in the embrace
one by one, they fall away
(into abyss)

can you hear it?
can you hear the sound?
as our broken idols,
come crashing down.

now taste the fear,
now taste the fear,

burn all you love,
theres no hope for the weak,
your heros have died, x2

[Thanks to savidani01 for correcting these lyrics]

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