Pagan's Mind Lyrics

Pagan's Mind Lyrics

From the Album Heavenly Ecstasy (2011) (buy at
Heavenly Ecstasy
Eyes Of Fire
Into The Aftermath
Walk Away In Silence
Revelation To The End
Follow Your Way
Live Your Life Like A Dream
The Master's Voice
Never Walk Alone
When Angels Unite

From the Album God's Equation (2007) (buy at
God's Equation
The Conception
God's Equation
United Alliance
Atomic Firelight
Hallo Spaceboy
Evolution Exceed
Alien Kamikaze
Painted Skies
Spirit Starcruiser
Osiris' Triumphant Return

From the Album Enigmatic : Calling (2005) (buy at
Enigmatic : Calling
The Celestine Prophecy
Enigmatic Mission
Supremacy, Our Kind
Entrance To Infinity
Coming Home
Celestial Calling
Ressurection (Back In Time)
Search For Life
New World Order

From the Album Celestial Entrance (2002) (buy at
Celestial Entrance
Through Osiris' Eyes
Entrance: Stargate
... Of Epic Questions
Dimensions Of Fire
Dreamscape Lucidity
The Seven Sacred Promises
Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part I - Conception
Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part II - Exploring
In Brilliant White Light
Aegean Shores
The Prophecy Of Pleiades

From the Album Infinity Divine (2000) (buy at
Infinity Divine
Prelude To Paganism
Caught In A Dream
Infinity Divine
Embracing Fear
Astral Projection
Twilight Arise
Dawning Of The Nemesis
King's Quest
Angel Serenity
Moonlight Pact
A New Beginning

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