Butterfly Wings Lyrics by Owl City

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Butterfly Wings Lyrics
If i was a raindrop
would you be my thunderstorm
It's cold so surround me
With rain clouds to keep me warm
I feel like I'm falling
so darling don't let me go
The thought is appalling but should I sleep away
Into the stormy sea will you remember me ?

Asleep in a warm cocoons
We dream of lovely things
We're both gonna wake up soon
So we hope that tomorrow brings
Us our butterfly wings

If I was a grain of sand
Would you be Miami Beach
So dusty with starlight
Close your eyes and cuddle close to me
I'll try not to wake you
or make a sound as you're dozing off
But in the night should the high tide sweep me away from you
Tell me again my dear will you be waiting here ?

Whenever we leave the ground
And take to the sky
I'll smile as i'm gazing down
Cause I've always wonder why
we won't need feathers to fly
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