The Ordinary Boys Lyrics

The Ordinary Boys Lyrics

From the Album How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted in Ten Easy (2006) (buy at

Lonely At The Top
Great Big Rip Off
Club Chez Moi
I Luv U
We've Got The Best Job Ever
Walking On The Faultlines (The Ultimate Step)
Boys Will Be Boys

From the Album Brassbound (2005) (buy at

Boys Will Be Boys
Life Will Be The Death Of Me
Thanks To The Girl
On An Island
One Step Forward
Skull And Bones
Don't Live Too Fast
Call To Arms
A Few Home Truths
Rudi's In Love
Red Letter Day

From the Album Over The Counter Culture (2004) (buy at

Over The Counter Culture
The List Goes On
Week In Week Out
Talk Talk Talk
Little Bitch
Settle Down
Weekend Revolution
Maybe Someday
Just A Song
In Awe Of The Awful
Robots & Monkeys

Other Songs:
9 To 5
Little Bubble

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