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Those Girls Lyrics
[Talking: Bow Wow]
Say O
We don' been all around the world
We don' seen so many girls
In some of the hottest cities
Do me a favor bruh
Holla at the ladies

[Verse 1: (Bow Wow)]
I got this funny feeling
As soon as I landed in LAX
That's when I saw this sweet lil cutie
With that Christian Audigier across her chest
She said, "I just moved here from San Diego"
From the butterfly tattoo up on her navel
I knewww (What you know O?)
That she was the kind of girl I like

[Chorus: (Bow Wow)]
All those Cali girls
They straight out the movies
Up in the videos (Ohhhh)
I love those Cali girls
Sometimes I think about it when I'm in the studio
All those Cali girls (I like that)
Walking up Sunset, like it's a runway
All those Cali Girls (I like that)
Oh man gotta get me one
It's something about those girls

[Verse 2: (Bow Wow)]
Stepping out the 40/40
I'm the flyest motherf**ka on the scene (So fresh)
That's when I saw this Spanish Mami

With Cavalli and Frankie B on her jeans
She said, "My family come from Puerto Rico" (Que tú quiere?)
And the way her friends keeps smiling at me yoooooo
I knewww (What you know O)
That I could take this shawty home with meee

[Chorus: (Bow Wow)]
All those Jersey girls
They could go from hoodies and forces
To tight jeans and high heels
I love those Jersey girls (Me too)
With the cocky attitudes
To tell you just how they feel
All those Jersey girls
I'm shopping in New York
And partying in Atlantic City
I love those Jersey girls
I gotta get me one
It's something about those girls

[Beat Plays]

[Chorus: (Bow Wow)]
Those Miami girls
Rolling down South Beach
With rings in they bellies (Ha!)
I love Miami girls
Riding 26's on Chevy Caprices (Ohhh)
Those Miami Girls
I'm driving down Collins
They party 'til sun sets
Like it's their birthdays
I love Miami Girls (My favorites, yes, yes, yes)
Ah man, I gotta get me one
Something about those girls
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