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O (Urban Mix) Lyrics
I Know You Heard Me Sayin Time And Time Again, That They Would Watch Your World And Change Your Life Like, But I Can't Blame Them Cause Ya Makin A Nigga Wanna Get Involved Wanna Get Up In The Crowd.Well I Ma Put My Bid In Two Get To You.No Disrespect But I Want It As Bad As They Do.The Only Difference Is They Look Out For Themselves.But I'm Doing It Just To Hear Ya Girl!

O Just Wanna Be The Sound Girl When It's Goin Down.Ya Body Sayin O.Don't Have 2 Say My Name Girl I'm Just Glad You Came . So U Can Say O In The Morning And Night, Ya Thinkin Only Always Bein Right You Can't Be Mad At Me I Just Wanna Hear You Scream

Girl Come One Over Let's Get This Crackin You'll Be Surprised 2 See Those I'm Packin Cause I'm Young But I'm Ready Gonna Get Hot And Heavy Tell Ya What Mama If Ya Let Me Girl Let Me Take Ya Somewere Ya Neva Been So Ya Thingz That Ya Wanna Show Ya Friends And Your So Weak You Can't Even Say A Thing But All Ya Gotta Say Is O


O Is For Overtime Believe Ma I'm Nice In Da Clutch Roll Ya Up Like A Dutch I Do What Ya Wander What I'm Putin Up. I'm Ready To Crush But I'm Tryna Wake The Neighbors Up Put My Finger 2 My Teeth Just A Hole I'm Dial Ya Up So It Don't Tap Ya Chin No Ya Just Can't Get Enough Back It Up Like A Pick Up Truck No All Ya Gotta Say Is O


From Da Streets To Da Club To Da After Party Mama You Can Bounce To This
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