Friendly Fire Lyrics by Nothing More

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Friendly Fire Lyrics
I don't care about the story
I don't care about the myth
I don't care how you see my life
You haven't witnessed it
Use fear as a weapon, and pity as a whip
Convince everyone around
That I'm a piece of...

[enter scene, enter Judas]
Give me a kiss
You sold me out... hold on, wait... what did I miss?
Gossip gets you off
But you couldn't resist

Make me a sinner
Because you paint the picture
Buy your believers, you couldn't resist

We're on the same side

Friendly fire - Honest liar

[exit scene, dim the lights]
Now here comes the twist
You did this for me?... hold on, wait... what did I miss?
Your good intentions?... ha, ha [says in sarcastic tone]
What do you get out of this?

Does it make you feel alive?
Does it make you feel so high?
How does it feel?, How does it feel?

So you think it's your place
And you think you're so brave
I'll tell you now what I see
A child's insecurity projecting
From the sidelines, a critic
A voice that won't admit it
That you have never risked it
How vicarious the cynic
My Judas, my brother
My Judas, my brother

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