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No Hope For A Hero Lyrics

Dead Where You Stand Lyrics

Scream my name for I am perfect.
Wait you're alone but you are not done.
You're bodys bleeding out,
You've just f*cked yourself.
Your son he falls down,
He had to bitch again.

I am your master and you will obey.

We've lived alone for so long,
Screams pierce my lungs,
As we abandon our home.

You run and hide,
And I have lost you,
You're left in the dark,
And alone. Forever.

Get ready for the f*cking end bitch.

I am your master and you will obey.
You've been a traitor to me.

Fire burns through your bone,
Forever changing you,
In every f*cking way, possible.

My body, your body are both decomposed,
As we lie in our graves we know.
The army is coming,
Can we stick together?
But I am convinced,
You want f*cking dead.


You are dead, where you stand

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