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Let You Down Info:

• "Let You Down" is a song by American Christian hip hop artist and songwriter NF.

• "Let You Down" is his first single on the Hot Christian Songs chart, where it reached No. 1. It has also reached No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100, NF's first entry on the chart.

• NF wrote the song about his relationship with his father and how he did not want to disappoint him. This is the first time he has publicly spoken about his relationship with his dad, who raised him as a child. His parents went through a divorce, and his mother overdosed years later.

• The haunting music video is on the relationship between a father and his son. An older man, presumably NF's father, refuses to help NF as NF dies in a number of scenarios. In the final shot, the older man is back on a dock, watching NF drowning once again. But then a woman approaches him on the dock and says, "Nathan?"

From the Album:

September 14,2017

Hip Hop


Nathan Feuerstein

David Garcia, Tommee Profitt

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