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Free Me Lyrics
(Free Me)

Listen lil' mama let me ask you a question...

Are you running with yo man
Are you gon' believe your friends
If you gunna roll with them...
Free Me

Let me break down to you what you do that makes this difficult
It's a couple little things that we gots to fix
If we gunna be in this relationship
Little mama, can't nobody spoil my party, and break my
Trust in you
Don't play dem games and it's a shame cause I wish you felt the same...

But you, you're forever claiming something, somebody saw me somewhere
And You
Bring it to me hard like you just got proof that I was there
Baby you're the one that I want but this is crazy
I'm tired of proving myself to you
So what you gunna do?


(I know I got a history)
I know it babe, I got some things in my past girls that didn't last, that ain't the plan, one woman man now
Please tell your friends to let me be
Cause I'm a leave all mine alone, get my stuff and I'll be home


Girl I don't want to go back to running round.
But I got no issues if you let your homegirls shut us down
Got too much love for you
But if you can't believe in me, then girl we got nothing.
So tell me one thing baby

[Chorus x2]
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