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Jason Newsted is an American metal musician, known for playing bass guitar with the bands Metallica, Voivod and Flotsam and Jetsam. Joining Metallica in 1986 after Cliff Burton's death, Newsted remained a member until 2001, making him the band's longest-serving bassist. After he left Metallica, he continued with his project Echobrain, played with Ozzy Osbourne and joined heavy metal band Voivod. Newsted uses the pseudonym Jasonic, which serves as both his alias in Voivod and the name of his music publishing company. He currently plays in his self-titled band Newsted, in which he provides lead vocals as well as bass -Wikipedia

Birth name: Jason Curtis Newsted

Also known as: Jasonic, Jason "Newkid"

Born: March 4, 1963 ( age )

From: Battle Creek, Michigan

Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, progressive metal, hard rock, alternative metal, stoner rock, punk rock

Occupations: Musician, songwriter

Bass guitar, vocals, guitar, Acoustic guitar, drums, theremin

Years active: 1980-present

Associated acts:
Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Papa Wheelie, Voivod, Echobrain, Rock Star Supernova, Ozzy Osbourne, Spastik Children, WhoCares, Govt Mule, Newsted, Megadeth

Notable Instruments:
Sadowsky Vintage Custom Bass
Alembic Basses
Rickenbacker 4003

Tour Dates:

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