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Porn Star Lyrics
He-he-hello mrs. ex-girlfriend
You came back, I heard it's cause you left your man
'Kay, that's cool, that's cool, can you take a seat
That's messed up, y'all split and you nearly made a week
Ahh! well-well you can meet mrs. better bitch
She the reason why you gone on some magic shit
One difference between y'all is she like to say trim
She got rid of the bush like obama came in
And you broke, need the bank to spendin
So put us in your pants like chelsea handler
You not me just tinselhead go 'head gamble
But they mistake you for a bitch like chelsea grammar
But it's cool, cause I know it's not legit
You just hella insecure and like to talk a lot of shit
But don't mistake for bein a 9 when you greased up
The square root is threesome, so what's the deal?

You talk a lot talk a lot of shit (yessir)
We ain't talkin no more talk about my chick (yessir)

But ain't talkin 'bout 'em now the shit begin
Yeah you probably were best, but she do me like a
Do me like a porn star, like a porn star
Do me like a...
My chick look badder than yours ahh
She sucks today, you wet it then you
Like a porn star, like a like a porn star

Lift a couple racks, do for shorty what she want
Everything swag, my girl louis in the trunk
And I know I probably mentioned that I'm awesome
Hit the do', take a (powerpuff), blossom
My old girl got nothin on my new chick
She f*cked me like a porn star, you ain't do shit
Fine young swag grown and committed
My girl workin good I had to maker her my assistant
Old chick politic, go mingle
New boyz are nothin girl? your man's still wrinkled
He called me "one hit wonder" as far as my singles
You can't be browned up when your boots albeeno
Albino, sorry I get saucy like pringles
Skinny nigga dope well say I buy a kilo
My girl fly in bed, red bull give her wings though
Stand her up for 10 nights, bust on the same doe!
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