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Give It Up Lyrics
New Boyz!
Strangers [x3]
Go [x4]
Give It Up For Them
Go [x4] Go [x4]
Give It Up For Them
Go [x4]

[Verse 1: Ben J]
Okay lil homies tryna diss and I don't know why
So I'm a have to let em know who you lil niggaz owned by
U dance to my songs like a little cheerLeader
Now you want to be a rapper
But that don't work either
(Dissin) none of ya'll dudes really know me
(I woke up the beef and the [?] was a homie)
Gettin on these dudes, when I'm not in the mood,
The jerk shoes you wear look like space jam shoes, clown
Why do lil niggaz always flip
Corey on the other hand look just like the Grinch who stole christmas
Make that clear I own time
Day Day look like one of the characters from Good Times
Goodmenn said "If you want to talk do it silently"
There's nothing you can tell my dick fans to stop liking me or writing me
They kill for me I'll put you out of your misery
Y'all mentally unstable my niggaz like kids you see.

(Meet me on YouTube) dick That's Rare
(They wear the same clothes) Well at least they share
(What's their name again?) Man F-it who cares
Y'all give it up for Julian & the Strangers
Give it up for them [x8]

[Verse 2: Legacy]
Tell ya girlfriend I don't want no pics
But her brain on point, you don't want no kiss
The PMS in Power Rangers throwin' dumb old fits
Just because we ain't bring y'all to 106
All the number one dimes can't wait to see me
Sat on a head more times than Langston's beanie
Said she left Julian cause his pipe game wack
Only bitch he got wet was his mermaid tat
Then y'all wrote Soulja Boy like everything cool
Why y'all on that nigga dick man he dissed ya'll too
Got a little fanbase, need to pray for some more
Dude I perform for pay, why y'all pay to perform
Their manager's a square and, I'm the first to say it,
If the coach cares then why ya'll ain't in the game yet,
Besides Yung3rd, none of ya flow famous
I swore I say day day on a commercial for Haiti
That's a low blow something like your girlfriend do
While when ceejay left all ya'll fans did too,
We already in the building, Ya'll just knock on doors
And we ain't got to jerk, that's wat we got ya'll for. (Now give it up)

Give it up for them [x8]

[Verse 3:]
Spotlight you think you all that
Aye what about langston trying to go to the power 106 games and acting like the new boyz and shit,
The only thing you doin is acting like the mother [?] fake boys tryin to get all the attention.
Then who else we got over there
Hey day day all you see is night night cause as soon as ben j knocks you out
Your gonna f*cking hit the ground and go night night.
Who else we got
Julian you went to go see avatar and you thought it was the last air Bender,
Who else I got cliff savage I don't give a f*ck your a cool ass dude so I'll leave you alone
Umm let me see who else we got
Corey I thought you came out of f*cking
Goodtimes back in 77 you look like Jimmy Walker
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