Neon Trees Lyrics

Neon Trees Lyrics
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From the Album Pop Psychology (2014) (buy at

From the Album Picture Show (2012) (buy at

Moving In The Dark
Teenage Sounds
Everybody Talks
Mad Love
Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)
Close To You
Hooray For Hollywood
Still Young
I Am The D.J.
Show (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Take Me For A Ride (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Don't You Want Me (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Habits (2010) (buy at

Sins Of My Youth
Love And Affection
Your Surrender
Girls And Boys In School
In The Next Room
Our War
Farther Down

From the Album Start A Fire (2009) (buy at
Start A Fire
Calling My Name
The Death Of You And Me

Other Songs:
Drop Your Weapon
Electric Heart (Stay Forever) (from "Frankenweenie: Unleashed!" soundtrack)
Friendly Fire
Never Tear Us Apart
Some Kind Of Monster (from "Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall" soundtrack)
The Morning Becomes Electric
Up Against The Glass
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Neon Trees Info:

Neon Trees is an American alternative rock band from Provo, Utah. Formed initially by neighbors Tyler Glenn and Chris Allen , who both grew up in Murrieta, California, the band made its first home in Provo, eventually adding Branden Campbell and Elaine Bradley to the lineup. -Wikipedia

Provo, Utah, United States

Alternative rock, electronic rock, indie rock, new wave

Years active:

Associated acts:

Name Origin:
The band's name originates from the lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger signs, which inspired Tyler Glenn. In a strange twist of fate, it was later learned that Branden Campbell's father, Steve Campbell, installed the exact Neon Trees in the In-N-Out that inspired Glenn while working for a sign company out of Las Vegas.

Tyler Glenn -
lead vocals, piano, synthesizer

Christopher Allen -
guitar, vocals

Branden Campbell -
bass, vocals

Elaine Bradley -
drums, vocals

Past Members:
Mike Liechty
Jason Gibbons
Nathan Evans

Did You Know:
• All four members of Neon Trees are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tour Dates:

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