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See the Conqu'ror mount in triumph Lyrics
See the Conqu'ror mount in triumph,
  See the King in royal state
Riding on the clouds His chariot
  To His heav'nly palace gate;
Hark! The choirs of angel voices
  Joyful hallelujahs sing,
And the portals high are lifted
  To receive, to receive, to receive
    their heav'nly King.

Who is this that comes in glory,
  With the trump of jubilee?
Lord of battles, God of armies,
  He has gained the victory;
He who on the cross did suffer,
  He who from the grave arose,
He has vanquished sin and Satan,
  He by death, He by death, He by
    death has spoiled His foes.

While He lifts His hands in blessing
  He is parted from His friends;
While their eager eyes behold Him,
  He upon the clouds ascends;
He who walked with God and pleased Him,
  Preaching truth and doom to come,
He, our Enoch, is translated
  To His home, to His home, to His
    everlasting home.

Now our heavenly Aaron enters,
  With His blood, within the veil;
Joshua now is come to Canaan,
  And the kings before Him quail;
Now He plants the tribes of Israel
  In their promised resting-place;
Now our great Elijah offers
  Of His grace, of His grace,
    double portion of His grace.

He has raised our human nature
  On the clouds to God's right hand;
There we sit in heav'nly places,
  There with Him in glory stand.
Jesus reigns, adored by angels;
  Man with God is on the throne;
Mighty Lord, in Thine ascension
  We by faith, we by faith, we by
    faith behold our own.
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