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Mint Condition Lyrics

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From the Album 7... (2011) (buy at

Walk On
Caught My Eye
Not My Daddy

From the Album E-Life (2008) (buy at

Baby Boy, Baby Girl
Just Can't Believe
Nothing Left To Say
Right Here
Back And Forth
Queen Of Come Here Go Away
Wish I Could Love You

From the Album Livin' The Luxury Brown (2005) (buy at

My Sista
Look Whachu Done 2 Me
I'm Ready
Love Your Tears
Luxury Brown
Half An Hour
It's Hard
Fallin Apart

From the Album Life's Aquarium (1999) (buy at

Touch That Body
Be Like That Sometimes
Pretty Lady
Who Can You Trust
If You Love Me
Call Me
Just The Man For You

From the Album The Collection: 1991-1998 (1998) (buy at

What You Bring To The Party
U Send Me Swingin'
My Dear

From the Album Definition Of A Band (1996) (buy at

Change Your Mind
You Don't Have To Hurt No More
Gettin' It On
What Kind Of Man Would I Be
Let Me Be The One
Ain't Hookin' Me Up Enough
Funky Weekend
On & On
The Never That You'll Never Know
Raise Up

From the Album From The Mint Factory (1993) (buy at

Nobody Does It Better
Someone To Love
U Send Me Swingin'
10 Million Strong
Good For Your Heart
So Fine

From the Album Meant To Be Mint (1991) (buy at

True To Thee
Do U Wanna
Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)
Are You Free
Here We Go Again
Try My Love
Forever In Your Eyes
She's A Honey
Single To Mingle
I Wonder If She Likes Me

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Love Is For Fools (From "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" Soundtrack)
My Dear
What You Bring To The Party

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