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Step Lyrics
I need help
I need help
I don't even know who I am no more
I'm gonna get some help
Help me

Step, step it up baby!
Got a question for you: like, who, what, where, why?
Are we even here?
Or are we following alone like another lost another Indian looking for his tribe?
Or his telephone.
Might as well find something new
Not now! Got space, got time, to anesthetize



I like to apologize to all my wonderful fans
For sticking by me through such troubled times
I love all of you so much
I wish I could take you all to the Betty Ford Clinic

Step it up baby!
We gotta sell instutions of recovery,
We gotta kill distributions of this pill I take
So I am so relieved that there's a COD
and it's comfortable now how can I stay
Makes me wanna vomit just so I can show
What kind of poison we've been feeding our soul


Step, step it up baby!
Well I'm living in the program and I'm down on my knees
Well I'm living in the toilet and I'm totally clean
I gotta gift called life and why can't you, so can you, so can you, So can you,
Cause, I'm okay, you're okay, I'm okay you're okay,
why me, why not me?
Turn the page and sing that

I love all my fans
In these times of nakedness
If I could
I'd take any one of you with me
Put you right underneath my pillow
[fade out..]

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