No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire 12" Mix) Lyrics by Ministry

Ministry Lyrics

No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire 12" Mix) Lyrics
Unquestioning, undaunting
The silence of language
Anonymous hands
With a nameless device

No name, no slogan [4x]

It's safe to say
The attention span is intact
Oblivious minds outside
Shall remain unenlightened
Information regurgitated
And forced into machines

No name, no slogan [2x]

Attention cycle never broken
No name, no slogan

Annonymous eyes shall never open
No name, no slogan [2x]

Here, the edge is thin
And skin is far too thin
So thin the device divides
And cuts up time
And again...

No name, no Slogan [16x]

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