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Lava Lyrics
Hot lava
Big monkey flow
Chokin' on a color
Floating down like a rain (oh yeah)

Hot lava
Cool down
Big travel, every town
Roll it over with a ball and chain

Hot lava
On the always
Make ready to burn
What the hell is in your
Lost and your found
Got lotta those time
Some owner lost
He wants nothin' but the kick underground

(Be healed, be healed!)
Hot lava, lava
(Be healed, be healed!)

Big kicker mule
Dipped in hot cotton
Make water like candy
And a fever like mine
Big boiler
Make rotten grey matter
Not spoiled like the child
Who pops them two at a time

Be healed!
Hot lava, lava
Be healed, be healed!
Hot lava
Hot lava

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