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Fear (Is Big Business) Lyrics
I don't know when my life changed
I can't remember when it got strange
I lock my doors and pull the chain
I spend my days and nights deranged

Talkin' to myself just the other day
I'm totally f*ckin' paranoid and who is to blame?
Half the time I'm hiding, the other half I pray
I'm always f*ckin' waiting for the judgment day

Fear is big business. Fear is big business.

Who the f*ck's to blame for my mental disease
Pick out any country in the Middle East
But Oklahoma City happened right next to me
And don't forget Waco and the government siege

Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear is big business.

Fear on the television always the same
Terrorists everywhere including my brain
I was never frightened of Saddam Hussein
The US government's the one to blame

Fear is big business.

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