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Dream Song Lyrics
When you're dreaming you're alive..

[whispered voice:]
The dreams are back
Once more and infinite
And our thin reasoning gives way
To the ground
This has always been

There I was over me
As I ran for cover
The lines forming in
But I was already there

Well I had this dream one night,
I was like, I was lying on my like,
Stupid uncomfortable bed,
An um, it was like really hot,
Ok like, start of the summer,
An, hot, its really hot, an I had like, like no fan, or
Ya know fine, an I had this weirdest, weirdest,
Weirdest, like nightmare,
Ya know how you have some nightmares, when there like,
There like, dreams,
But their not dreams, their like real?
Ya know? An like you feel, it felt alive,
When your dreaming, you feel alive, when your dreaming.
An I had this dream, when this angel came up, just,
Like, up my fire escape,
Cause I don't have bars on my windows, cause I don't
Belive in bars on windows,
An, she was there in my room, just lying there, she
Came, and she kissed me.
And I woke up, and I must have come.

Do you believe in angels?


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