Take A Picture Lyrics by Mike Will Made It

Mike Will Made It Lyrics

Take A Picture Lyrics
[Hook: Young Thug]
Boy let's take a picture
Boy let's take a picture
Nigga take a picture, nigga take a picture
(Take a mothaf*ckin' picture, nigga)
Nigga take a picture, nigga take a picture
Take the f*ckin' picture for me
Pose... skraight
Pose... aiight
Pose... skraight
Pose... aiight

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana come take this picture for Young Thugger
Mike WiLL pull up in a brand new Bentley
With a nigga girl, no cover
Hundred bands comin' in at one time
Countin' so much money that my thumb gettin' cuttins
My jewelry'll blind you like the sunshine
F*ck your momma and your sister with the same nine
Nigga, you the one that say you love 'em
Nigga, you the one that say you trust 'em
Nigga, you the one that bare f*ck 'em
Nigga, you stay in when you're nuttin'
I don't want this bitch to have my kid, nigga, Cudi
I'm the type of nigga, pull up and give the bitch to my cousin and my buddies
Hunala, hunala, I got bitches
Hundred chickens, hundred bitches, stashin' sixes
Nigga trappin and the hoes went bananas, oh God
Now I got more jewels than that nigga Santana, oh Lord!

[Hook: Young Thug]

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Milky Way, Milky Way, Milky Way
Bitch you pull up and get milky wayed
Wait... before you touch it, hold up,
That Ace of Spade, bitch that's five residents
I should get paid for this [?]
20 extra bands for this captain plate
Or else I'll buck just like Tampa Bay
My molly bean feel like [?]
I am a African American
But my bitch a stallion
Breath smell like Italian
Birds in Atlanta, no Falcon
Mink got me sweatin', no napkins
Milkin' these bitches, nigga, cowin'
Touchin' all these bitches, really foulin'
Almost [?]
Baby send them ki's over
I got quarters, I got halves, I got kilos
When I see the cops, I say "f*ck 'em" like Cee-Lo
Take off, ran and throwin' everything but the B Roll
I know a real big homie locked up, nigga still hold them kilos
I'm on their ass, nigga
And I ain't ever lettin' 'em pass, nigga
Not out my class, nigga, no way

[Hook: Young Thug]

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