In My Hands Lyrics by Mike Will Made It

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In My Hands Lyrics
[Hook - Quavo:]
Put the birds on a scale, it do a backflip
Put that money in the street, it do a cartwheel
And my nigga keep them drums lookin' like a ferris wheel
Got you lookin' down the barrel of my stainless steel
Got your life in my hands, over a hundred bands
Got your life in my hands, over a hundred bands
Got your life in my hands, over a hundred bands
Got your life in my hands, over a hundred bands

[Verse 1 - Quavo:]
Your life in my hands for playin' with my bands
You play with my money, I chop off your hands
My niggas be trappin', they trappin', they sellin'
The molly, the gas I can't stand
I'm prayin' tonight the enemy stay out of sight
I'm kickin' and whippin' and trappin' the white
The birds, they're flyin' and singin' like Brian McKnight
Hunnit bands on your head, I'll take your life
Young rich nigga, pockets on Kelly Price
Feel like Bill Clinton, Versace linen
I'm packin' the F&N, see snakes in the trenches
[?] in the bando
Put the laser beam on my sniper rifle, I see f*ck niggas in camo
Hunnit bands on your head, my nigga, I feel like you're disloyal
Heard he got them truckloads, I took it and put it in the water


[Verse 2 - Takeoff:]
Forgiatos on my Murcielago
Beat that pot like [?]
Walkin' around with that sack
I play with them racks, call me Wells Fargo
Yellow diamond, that canary
Sell jawbreakers, Ed, Edd and Eddy
Pullin' up on Masta P, but I got the hookup
Leanin', my fella is shook up
Takeoff, they call me NASA
Ye ain't even know I own Delta
I'm beatin' the pot, Mayweather
Pockets on fat, call me Nutty Professor
And I got your life in my hands
The block so hot it need a fan
Gotta keep a gold F&N
Stainless steel all in my pants
You play with my money, my nigga, they'll pull out that Tommy
And take it from Clyde and [?]
The trap trampoline, it's jumpin'
Young nigga, I came from nothin' to somethin'
Now takin' them trips to Bahamas
The molly is bitin', Piranha
I'm smokin' in Quintana, my nigga
The animals come from the jungle


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