Game For A Lame Lyrics by Mike Will Made It

Mike Will Made It Lyrics

Game For A Lame Lyrics
[Hook x4:]
I got game for a lame
I got game for a lame
I got game for a lame
I got game for a lame

[Verse 1:]
I'm finally at that light, my life flash 'fore my eyes
Is this what they talkin' 'bout? One day you'll lose your pride
Decisions to be made and I'm runnin' out of time
And if this deja vu, rewind me to the time
I'm in the kitchen workin' two blocks, worked my way to two pots
The streets done got too hot
It's time to find a new spot
I'm finally at that light
I'm finally at that light
You should get a name in the game for the money and the fame
Don't chase 'em, replace 'em, when pimpin' begin, friendship end
Record hater, 600 Benz
Rollie, Rollie, sauced up
Piped up, f*ck your bitch life up
Styrofoam, lean, lean
Eat the family, oooh wee
Game 'fore a lame bitch breathe

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2:]
I got game for a lame, pussy you a lame
I know you ain't gettin' it, I know you just playin'
I'm up in here loaded, all my niggas smokin'
All these hoes freaky, f*ck 'em then we throw them
I'm gettin' money for real, ballin' with no deal
Lean we pop, sell, and we [?] sale
Bags and forreal, I'll work you a deal
You can get it here, and my roof is clear
You know how I'm gettin' it, flip it then I spend it
Re-up and then unload, you know my shop is up
Know I'm always gettin' it, yeah the trap is rollin'
Game for a lame, finessed him out every token

[Hook x4]

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