DcYoungFly Speaks Lyrics by Mike Will Made It

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DcYoungFly Speaks Lyrics
Man, Mike, boy I had to call you. I'm sittin' hear eatin' a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, boy, this Ransom tape, boy, this shit bussin', boy! What the f*ck!? Why you ain't been called me told me you had this shit 'bout to blow up bruh? Why am I over here listenin' to this shit day in and day out, boy I'm talkin' about even when I take a shit, boy. I'm talkin' about when I walk the dog, nigga. I'm talkin' about everything, nigga, even before I go to church. Boy this shit is bussin', boy! You need to call my phone back when this message, boy, f*ck you mean, I'm a put your ass on Instagram, nigga

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