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[Wiz Khalifa:]
I'm so fresh man
Hey ya scared to do it how I do it

[Miley Cyrus:]
I'm in the club high off Perc with some shades on
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on
I'm in the club high off Perc with some shades on
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on
[Juicy J:]
J's on my feet (you know it)
J's on my feet (you know it)
J's on my feet (you know it)
So get like me
J's on my feet (you know it)
J's on my feet (we trippin')
J's on my feet (we trippin')
So get like me

[Verse 1: Miley Cyrus]
I be in the club (the club)
Standing on the couch (the couch)
In them Wolf Greys (what)
Like it's my house (I'm home)
Drinking out the bottle
I got no respect (ay)
Looking like a model,
who just got a check (change)
I back it up,
cause I don't give a f*ck (I don't)
If you're a lame,
that's a shame
you can't hang with us (uh-uh)
I'm MC Hammer fly (fresh),
you can't touch (nope)
J's so fly
I should work at Flight Club

[Bridge - Miley Cyrus:]
Put on my J's and dance the whole night away
I'm naughty by nature like I'm hip-hop hooray
My hands in the sky, I wave 'em from side to side
My feet on the floor, I'm 'bout to turn up now


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
I be rockin' J's or
I be rockin' Taylors
I got lots of flavors,
My kick game is major
More kicks than the players, call me up I'm scorin'
Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I'm Jordan
Molly, Miley, come swing the thing right by me
Gotta a joint if you wanna get stoned, got choppers if they wanna try me
Pro athlete I'm not no wannabe
Waitress asked how many bottles? I said 23



[Verse 3 - Juicy J]
I stay showin' out, my kick game is a beast
I got thirty pair of J's that ain't never been released
Flu game twelve, Space Jam 11
On the hype beast sick, they gon' need a paramedic
Turn up, turn up, turn up, I get trippy, I stay live
All this purple in my cup, match them grape 5's
I'm so high, I got three bitches that go bi
I'm so fly, I'm gettin' head like a blow dryer


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23 Info:

23 features American recording artists Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J and was released on September 10, 2013, by Interscope Records as the lead single from the record.

Its Lyrics refer to Air Jordan sneakers, and in the chorus Cyrus raps about recreational drug use. Songwriting duo Planet VI wrote Cyrus' verse.

Wiz Khalifa's and Juicy J's verses were recorded first; Mike Will Made It wanted a female to record the remaining verse. After he and Cyrus completed her single "We Can't Stop", he played Cyrus "23". Cyrus liked the song and immediately recorded the verse. Mike Will Made It was originally hesitant to have Cyrus on the song, but after hearing her record the verse he approved of it

Cyrus told MTV News why she was so eager to get on the cut. "He had had this track '23' with Wiz and Juicy already, and it's just on some cool like old-school J s--t and that's what's really cool about it," she said. "And like people wouldn't expect me to be on a song about Jordan... right now all they really see of me and Juicy is me at his concert way too twerked up, they haven't seen what we can do when were together and when were together it's this crazy kind of vibe because it's not what people would really expect."

"I'm definitely not a rapper. It's my rapping," Cyrus added. "It's my own swag. I hate that word. But it's just the only way I can really describe it, it's just kind of my own thing where it's not really rapping, it's just kind of on my own thing it's just kind of on my own s--t."

From the Album:
Est. in 1989, Pt. 3

Released: September 10, 2013

Format: Digital download

Recorded: 2013

Genre: Hip hop

Length: 4:12

Mike Will Made It

Music video:
"23" on YouTube

The music video for "23" was directed by Hannah Lux-Davis, and is high school-themed. It was filmed on August 26, 2013 in Brooklyn. The full length video was released on September 24, 2013

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