Miike Snow Lyrics

Miike Snow Lyrics
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Miike Snow Info:

Miike Snow is a Swedish indie pop band formed in 2007. The band consists of producing team Bloodshy & Avant, and Andrew Wyatt. The band is often represented by a silhouette image of a jackalope. -Wikipedia

Stockholm, Sweden

Indie rock, indie pop, psychedelic pop, noise pop, synthpop, house, indietronica, alternative dance

Years active:

Name Origin:
The name "Miike Snow" is said to have come from one of their friends named Mike Snow. Contrary to suggestions or statements to the converse, the spelling of "Miike" does not derive from the Japanese film director Takashi Miike; Pontus Winnberg said:

"When we sat down to come up with a name one of us got an email from a mutual friend by the name Mike Snow. We liked it and added the extra I because we liked the look of it. We once found a possible classic Swedish film on our tour bus once, called Jävligt Jagad. It's a bit like if Bergman's ancestors would make a movie inspired by Takashi Miike".

Miike Snow have, however, indicated that they are fans of Miike's work, specifically noting Audition, Visitor Q, 13 Assassins, and Ichi the Killer.

Associated acts:
Galantis, Bloodshy & Avant, The A.M., Robotberget

Christian Karlsson
Pontus Winnberg
Andrew Wyatt

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