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Girls Like Lyrics
Girls like you remind me that I'm lonely, yeah
Remind me that I'm lonely
No one to play Connect 4 with me
I declare war with me
Knocked out and snore
From rolling around in my bed

Someone, anyone to listen
I feel like I'm missing the real thing
Tell me where I go
What I gotta feel
I can always come when you ready
I like I'm wasting my time, yeah
'Cause my heart beats are empty
So watching around.


I don't wanna think, I just wanna drink
'Cause I'm overcome by there's no friend
And now I'm real, very curiously tale
That you got a hole in your heart
I probably would dismiss it
The truth that I miss you for real

Woke up so true
'Til I see a girl like you

'Cause my heart beats are empty
So watching around
I remember


Beautiful girls
Intelligent girls
Creative girls

I hate you (yeah, I hate you)
But the truth is I want you
And I need you
Was the very best way to reach you
I research you
'Cause I'm looking for something real

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