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Sadam Usane Lyrics
[Intro - Quavo:]
Saddam Hussain
The same
Saddam Hussain
Keep the bomb on me, cocaina on the plane

[Hook - Quavo]
Saddam Hussain
12 hit the spot, F*ck! Flush it down the drain (damn!)
Saddam Hussain
Put the shooters on you, paid a ticket for your brain (damn!)
Saddam Hussain
AK by my bed, bad ninjas like Bruce Wayne

[Verse 1 - Quavo:]
I paid the whole ticket, I ride in a Bentley
My windows are tinted, I feel like I'm winning
You silly, I ball like Mike Finley
My bitches is draped up in nothing but Fendi (she dig it)
She digging my pimping, this life that I'm living
I don't need a label I am independent
The Migos Lieutenant
Ain't leaving a witness, ain't leaving forensics
I'm feeling like Donald, I am the Apprentice
Yo bitch, she acting too friendly
You cuffing, I'm taking her with me


[Verse 2 - Kourtney Money:]
Got 100 racks in my bookbag
Put 100 racks in your bitch ass
Huddam Hussain
Whoo, Kourtney Money got that clean coke game
I break the pot every time I whip the dope
You little niggas still like soap on a rope
Goddamn, check the swag
Saddam Hussain couldn't drop the bombs that I had
Coca Cola, watch it lock
Let the J's test it, straight drop
Got your block sold up nigga from A to Z
When they want to wake up, I know who they come and see


[Verse 3 - Quavo:]
Orange and black tiger striped shirt (Versace!)
See you on the block, niggas want to copy
Feds taking pictures and I see you camera watching
Little goons with the uzi on the Kawasaki
Italians at the round table, meet the Giovannis
If you bought a batch from me you know that you a dummy
Fish scale, tip the pot I bet it turns gold
Young nigga walk around, pockets on swoll
93 gas yeah you better hold your nose
All my niggas bout my bulls, call em Jalen Rose

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