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Rich Nigga Timeline Lyrics
[Hook - Quavo:]
First kicked the door when I was 17 years old
Seen my first 50, ballin', 18 years old
Let that pistol go when I was 19 years old
First time turned 20, I was cashin' out on gold
Rich nigga timeline, rich nigga timeline
Rich nigga timeline, ye ain't live your life like mine
Rich nigga timeline, rich nigga timeline
Rich nigga timeline, stay the f*ck up out of mine

[Verse 1 - Quavo:]
Free my nigga Westside, locked up to this day
R.I.P. my migo P, my nigga dead in the grave
And I dare a f*ck nigga come and try me today
Abracadabra his face
Quavo the magician, the pack gone it's missin'
I got a ho and she got a ho and now they both kissin'
Do you remember, the life I was livin'?
I'm callin' the plug, I'm juugin' up pounds, I'm breakin' down midget
I got the birds, pigeons
They know who the f*ck run the city (Nawfside!)
I might pull up with that chopper and extensions
I just let it off, I empty about 50
Mama said, "Quavo don't spend all your Benjis"
Told mama, "I'm sorry, pockets on infinity"
You can ask around, really hit them juugs for the f*ckin' pound
Next time you see me, better not ask me for no money now
Never went to school, never thought about Clark or Morris Brown
'Til I took your bitch, drop her off right there by Morris Brown
Used to cook up bricks 'til I turned that shit to an extra now
I got the magic stick, feelin' like Criss Angel, bitch
I disappear bricks

[Hook - Quavo]

[Verse 2 - Offset:]
17 stackin' and countin', 18 I ran from the bounty
You niggas is softer than Bounty, my nigga got 15, free Ronny
Check out my bio, plenty felonies, known for countin' up broccoli
Known for stackin' up celery, you niggas ain't even a vet to me
'Member the days? Run in your house like a raid
Young nigga tryna get paid
Pistol to his face, give him a shave
Never selfish, all the money I gave
Never change, all the money I make
1 baby, all these bitches I laid
2 guns, nigga, never afraid
Migos the army I'm never gon' trade
Set-Set hit a 20 band juug
He helped the hood, everybody was good
I'm white like a tiger and I got the wood
My niggas on go like Nike, they gon' do it
These niggas wonderin', like how did we do it?
Water diamonds on my neck look like fluid
I'm from the Zone 3 if you niggas ain't knew it
I'm throwin' up the north cause that is my hood
Locked up, mama couldn't get me out
Called my nigga Bookie, he got me out
KK got my back, ain't no doubt
Player made, free my bro, let him out
This shit is crazy, shout out mama house
Don't come to my trap and you unannounced
21 Challenger mounted up
Doin' phones, f*cked your credit up
When you a boss they gon' cherish yah
Investigations, I didn't tell 'em nothin'
December 25th, on the run
I didn't know if I was comin' home
19, I was on my own
My grandma died, cancer on her bones
I ran in houses just to buy some Foams
You can hear the pain in my voice on my songs

[Hook - Quavo]

[Verse 3 - Takeoff:]
13 I got my first halftime
14, broke in the club for an Alpine
15 I got my first Glock 9
It was rusty but it still'd bust a nigga
I was lil' nephew, they wasn't gon' touch a nigga
If I did, my uncles'll bust a nigga
Migo gang, they couldn't f*ck with a nigga
Started beefin' with some sucka niggas
Belushi's right there up on Club Drive
It's was y'all side versus Nawfside
Knocked a couple niggas out a couple times
Got in shootouts with niggas a hundred times
Come to your party, we f*ckin' it up
Young niggas, we never gave a f*ck
Young niggas, 10, 12, 13, on go with a finger point
A lot of squads start poppin' up
Screamin' shit that we ain't heard of
Migos pull up at your residence
Here comes the issue, "it wasn't us, bruh"
We know you flexin', got the information
So you still gon' get hit with the uppercut
Beat a nigga to a puddle, nigga snitchin'
Now we runnin' from the task force
Niggas was kickin' in doors, takin' flat screens and all the gold
Never got it and I sat on it, nigga, everything I got was sold
Apple Mac, juugin' laptops
Knock in your door, take your lil' brother's Xbox
Migo Jerz stand around the curb
Used to match up in the hotbox
Hit a juug for some True Religions
And some Robin Denims in a public community
My brother's keepers, Migo we got unity
[?] at the park right on Harrington
To the bando, you see niggas gamblin'
Hit a kick door my niggas be ramblin'
I got a bag on my back like I'm Santa Claus
Finnesse a nigga at Papa John's up in Panama

[Hook - Quavo]
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