All Over Me Lyrics by Migos

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All Over Me Lyrics
Yuh, yuh, yuh
Woah, they all over me
Hu? They all over me
They all over me
Yuh, yuh

[Hook x2: Quavo]
Snakes, they all over me
Hoes, They all over me
Versace, they all over me
Benjis, Hundas, it's all over me

[Verse: Quavo]
Got these snakes all over me
I pull up in that bumblebee
And who am I supposed to be?
It's Quavo from the BMG
I'm lookin down, you under me
I am where you wanna be
I'm with your bitch at Benihana's, you take her to Apple Bee's
You don't like me? Cause I'm rich and I'm icy?
Got flat screens in the head rests and I'm watchin' Remember The Titans
Got a 28 of Cali purp, we call it Minnesota Vikings
Got two foreign hoes, they dykin'
Got a alligator, chopper is bitin'

[Hook x2: Quavo]
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