Pride Of Midtown Lyrics by Midtown Bootboys

Midtown Bootboys Lyrics

Pride Of Midtown Lyrics
We start the night at 8:00 and then we hit the street
We get a few drinks in us and it's time to hit the beat
We shine our boots back up and then we're off to have some fun
We throw a big boot party for the left wing commie scum

We're the Midtown Bootboys, White freedom is the game
And once you taste our fury, you won't forget our name
We're the Midtown Bootboys - Oi Oi (x2)

We pile out at a punk rock club and beat everyone in sight
We decide to leave when none of them put up a decent fight
The night is nearly over but there's plenty more to do
We find a drunken nigger and we beat him black and blue

We crash into a party with about a dozen friends
We steal some beer and start some fights until the party ends
We stagger back to Midtown With a bottle in each hand
We say goodnite to brothers then we clock back out again

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