The House Jack Built Lyrics by Metallica

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The House Jack Built Lyrics
*Opens door so i walk inside
Close my eyes
Find my place to hide
And i shake as I take it in
Let the show begin

Open my eyes
Just to have them close again
Well on my way
But on my way where I've been

It swallows me
As it takes me in it's fog
I twist away
As I give this world the nod


Open my eyes
Just to have them close once again
Don't want control
As it takes me down and down and down again

Is that the moon
Or just the light that lights this dead end street?
Is that you there?
Or just another demon that i meet?

**The higher you are
The farther you fall
The longer the walk
The farther you crawl
My body, my temple
This temple it tilts
Step into the house that Jack built


Open door so I walk inside
Swallow me so the pain subsides
And I shake as I take the sin
Let the show begin

[*Repeat x 2]

Open my eyes
It swallows me
Is that you there?
I twist away
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