Mercury Rev Lyrics

Mercury Rev Lyrics

From the Album The Secret Migration (2005) (buy at
The Secret Migration
Secret For A Song
Across Yer Ocean
Black Forest (Lorelei)
In The Wilderness
In A Funny Way
My Love
Moving On
The Climbing Rose
First Time Mother's Joy (Flying)
Down Poured The Heavens

From the Album All Is Dream (2001) (buy at
All Is Dream
The Dark Is Rising
Tides Of The Moon
Lincoln's Eyes
Nite And Fog
Little Rhymes
A Drop In Time
You're My Queen
Spiders And Flies

From the Album See You On The Other Side (1995) (buy at
See You On The Other Side
Empire State (Son House In Excelsis)
Young Man's Stride
Sudden Ray Of Hope
Everlasting Arm
Racing The Tide
Close Encounters Of The 3rd Grade
A Kiss From An Old Flame (A Trip To The Moon)
Peaceful Night
I Collect Coins
The Happy End (The Drunk Room)
Pick Up If You're There
Tonite It Shows
Opus 40
Hudson Line
Goddess On A Hiway
The Funny Bird
Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp

From the Album Boces (1995) (buy at
Meth Of A Rockettes Kick
Trickle Down
Bronx Cheer
Boys Peel Out
Downs Are Feminine Balloons
Something For Joey
Snorry Mouth
Hi Speed Boats
Continuous Drunks And Blunders

From the Album Yerself Is Steam (1991) (buy at
Yerself Is Steam
Chasing A Bee
Syringe Mouth
Coney Island Cyclone
Blue And Black
Sweet Oddysee Of A Cancer Cell T' Th' Center Of Yer Heart
Continous Trucks And Thunder Under A Mother's Smile
Very Sleepy Rivers
Car Wash Hair

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