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From the Album Memphis Rock And Soul (2016) (buy at
Memphis Rock And Soul
Memphis Train
Respect Yourself (People Stand Up)
Who's Making Love
Hold On, I'm Coming
I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
Any Other Way
I'm A Lover
Rock Me Baby
I Forgot To Be Your Lover
Wait A Minute
Born Under A Bad Sign
I've Got Dreams To Remember

From the Album This Is M.E. (2014) (buy at
This Is M.E.

From the Album 4th Street Feeling (2012) (buy at
4th Street Feeling
Kansas City
4th Street Feeling
Falling Up
Shout Now
The Shadow Of A Black Crow
Be Real
A Disaster
Enough Rain
A Sacred Heart
I Can Wait
Rock And Roll Me
Just What You Asked For
You Will
The Beating Of Your Heart
Change The World

From the Album Icon (2011) (buy at

Ain't It Heavy
Bring Me Some Water
Come To My Window
Fearless Love
I Need to Wake Up
I Want To Come Over
I'm The Only One
If I Wanted To
Like The Way I Do
No Souvenirs
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From the Album Fearless Love (2010) (buy at
Fearless Love
Fearless Love
The Wanting Of You
Miss California
Drag Me Away
Heaven On Earth
We Are The Ones
Only Love
To Be Loved
Gently We Row

From the Album A New Thought For Christmas (2008) (buy at
A New Thought For Christmas
Blue Christmas
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Ring The Bells
Merry Christmas Baby
Christmas In America
Light A Light
It's Christmas Time
O Night Divine

From the Album The Awakening (2007) (buy at
The Awakening
All There Is
An Unexpected Rain
Message To Myself
God Is In The People
Map Of The Stars
All We Can Really Do
I've Loved You Before
A Simple Love
Heroes And Friends
The Kingdom Of Heaven
Open Your Mind
The Universe Listened
Imagine That
What Happens Tomorrow

From the Album Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled (2005) (buy at
Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled
Similar Features
Like The Way I Do
Bring Me Some Water
You Can Sleep While I Drive
No Souvenirs
Ain't It Heavy
I'm The Only One
Come To My Window
If I Wanted To
I Want To Come Over
Angels Would Fall
Christmas In America
Piece Of My Heart
This Is Not Goodbye
I Run For Life

From the Album Lucky (2004) (buy at
This Moment
If You Want To
Secret Agent
Will You Still Love Me
Meet Me In The Dark
Tuesday Morning
Come On Out Tonight
Kiss Me
When You Find The One

From the Album Skin (2001) (buy at
Lover Please
The Prison
Walking On Water
Down To One
It's Only Me
I Want To Be In Love
Please Forgive Me
The Different
Heal Me

From the Album Breakdown (1999) (buy at
Angels Would Fall
Stronger Than Me
Into The Dark
Enough Of Me
Truth Of The Heart
Mama I'm Strange
How Would I Know
My Lover
Touch And Go
Cherry Avenue

From the Album Your Little Secret (1995) (buy at
Your Little Secret
Your Little Secret
I Really Like You
Nowhere To Go
An Unusual Kiss
I Want To Come Over
All The Way To Heaven
I Could Have Been You
Shriner's Park
This War Is Over

From the Album Yes I Am (1993) (buy at
Yes I Am
I'm The Only One
If I Wanted To
Come To My Window
Silent Legacy
I Will Never Be The Same
All American Girl
Yes I Am
Talking To My Angel

From the Album Never Enough (1992) (buy at
Never Enough
Ain't It Heavy
Dance Without Sleeping
Place Your Hand
Must Be Crazy For Me
Meet Me In The Back
The Boy Feels Strange
Keep It Precious
The Letting Go
It's For You

From the Album Brave And Crazy (1989) (buy at
Brave And Crazy
No Souvenirs
Brave And Crazy
You Used To Love To Dance
The Angels
You Can Sleep While I Drive
Let Me Go
My Back Door
Skin Deep
Royal Station 4/16

From the Album Melissa Etheridge (1988) (buy at
Melissa Etheridge
Similar Features
Chrome Plated Heart
Like The Way I Do
Precious Pain
Don't You Need
The Late September Dogs
Watching You
Bring Me Some Water
I Want You

Other Songs:
A Lot Like You
Dancing In The Fire
Do It For The Rush
Don't Look At Me
Fearless Love
Foolish Games
Getaway Machine
Hearts And All
I Could Be In Danger
I Could Have Been You
I Don't Want To Know
I Really Must Be Going
I Take You With Me
I Told You So
No Guarantee
Not Tonight
One Hour Later
Out Of My Mind
Put Me Out Of My Misery
Ready To Love
Sleep While I Drive
Somewhere In The City
That's Important To Me
The Weakness In Me
They Don't Know Me
Thing About You
Uprising Of Love
Wasting My Time
Whispers My Heart
You And I Know
You Could Save Me

Melissa Etheridge Info:

Melissa Etheridge is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist. Her self-titled debut album was released in 1988 and became an underground hit. She has been an iconic gay and lesbian activist since her public coming out in January 1993. She has received fifteen Grammy Award nominations, winning two, and an Academy Award. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Melissa Lou Etheridge

May 29, 1961 (age )

Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S.

Heartland rock, folk rock, blues rock

Actress Tammy Lynn Michaels (m. 2003-2010)
Linda Wallem (m. 2014)

Singer-songwriter, musician, activist

Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, mandolin

Years active:

Melissa Etheridge Awards
Juno Award for International Entertainer Of The Year 

Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for Ain't It Heavy

Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for Come To My Window

National Family Civil Rights Award.

Gibson Guitar Award for Best Rock Guitarist Female

Academy Award for Best Original Song - I Need to Wake Up from the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"

Etheridge received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Melissa Etheridge Quotes:
Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel.

I'm so close to Heaven, this Hell cannot be mine.

Love is never wrong.

The songs are inspired by my experiences. Sometimes they are more than my real-life and, conversely, my life is more than just my songs.

"Instead of taking five or six of the prescriptions, I decided to go a natural route and smoke marijuana."

"What's happening right now, this month, I check in and go, 'Hey. You are at the top of a wave right now. Look around and enjoy it because it's not going to stay,' ... The wave goes away. It does not dictate how good I am or my worth. It's just the way it happens."

"I've sold my soul for freedom. It's lonely but it's sweet."

"Mothers tell your children 'Be quick, you must be strong. Life is full of wonder and love is never wrong.' Remember how they taught you; how much of it was fear. Refuse to hand it down: The legacy stops here."

There will always be someone else with a different view than you. I appreciate them and would never say that they are wrong. I hope that they would give me that courtesy also.

"I had a lot of self-loathing, ... I've been self-sustained since I was 11. I've always been the one making the money, and to be flat on my back and ... so vulnerable and then be completely loved. To have my wife be there, 110% supportive. To have my children say, 'It's OK, Mom.' To have the people that I work for say, 'It's OK.' To have my fans go, 'It's all right.' It's like, what was I afraid of? I'm going to get healthy now, and I'm not going to carry that baggage anymore."

"To be completely stripped bare of any image power or my hair, ... To step onstage and get the response that I got blew any problems I had about self-image out the door."

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