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What's Free Info:

• "What's Free", (featuring Rick Ross and Jay Z) is a song on "Championships", the fourth studio album by American rapper Meek Mill.

• "What's Free?" contains a sample from "What's Beef?", written by Christopher Wallace, Nashiem Myrick, and Carlos Broady, and performed by The Notorious B.I.G.

• nme.com said "After his high-profile court case and prison sentence, Meek’s become a mainstream icon for prison reform; here he doubles down on this, getting Jay-Z to dust off the mic and join Rick Ross on ‘What’s Free’ to discuss capitalism and income inequality over the irresistible Notorious B.I.G ’What’s Beef’ sample."

• nme.com said "Meek is angry but eloquent; he allows himself to be emotional, admitting how prison scarred him."
-Wikipedia-, -nme.com-

From the Album:

November 30, 2018



Williams, William Roberts II, Shawn Carter, Nicholas Warwar, Tarik Azzouz, Clemm Rishad,Christopher Wallace, Carlos Broady, Nashiem Myrick, Hal David

Streetrunner, Azzouz

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