Dope, Pussy And Money Lyrics by Master P

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Dope, Pussy And Money Lyrics
[Big Ed]
Yo P man I can't find these f*ckin' cards and shit man
I'm a find 'em, hold up hold up hold up

[Master P]
Damn see man what's wrong with you
You been smokin' dank or somethin'

[Big Ed]
Man I don't know man I was trippin' and shit

[Master P]
Come on man let's do this shit right
Man get it done man

[Big Ed]
Shit let me see, let me try this
Yeah there they go
Alright P man kick that shit for me G

[Master P]
Jump in the Cougar to the dank spot
Beeper rangin' cause a nigga sellin' fat rocks
Now the worst started shiftin'
I'm like the goddamn pizza man you know I'm f*ckin' de-liverin'
Pick up and drop off, 20's and 50's
Anything to get these goddamn things off
Now I'm cold chillin' on the dope spot
Put the dope in my nuts, here come the f*ckin' cops
Now I'm like runnin', the cops said freeze
Not me I'm tryin' to check my f*ckin' money
To see if it's marked, damn
5 minutes later I'm in a police car
But I just laugh like it's funny
Cause I'll be out tomorrow
Dope, Pussy, & Money

[Chorus x8]
Piece of pussy
I can feel y'all

[Master P]
My hand on my dick like a bounty
Just did 3 f*ckin' days in the County
Pissed off, mad as f*ck
Picked up my mobile phone to try to get a f*ckin' nut
She said I'll be over in a minute
I said hurry up bitch I gotta go up in it
She knocked on my door lookin' hella sweet
A long trench coat and some goddamn drawers G
She grabbed my dick and started suckin'
I flipped the bitch on her back, my nuts cummin'
Now I'm cold smilin' like a big wheel
Thinkin' 'bout the niggas that are still back in jail
Now that I'm out I think it's funny
Cause it's all about the Dope, Pussy, & Money

[Chorus x8]
Niggas stuck and I'm thinkin' about gamblin'
Serve a nigga somethin' quick, let's handle this
We dove 4 deep in a Benz
2 Columbians, we met him and his friends
Now I'm gettin' ??? at niggas back
I'm thinkin' about the time they tried to jack
One nigga got out the car howlin'
I got 4 ki's, I said nigga where's the ???
I ran to the car with my Oozi
Grabbed the dope and the money, started shootin'
Hit the gas, mashed and made it home
Tripped when I cut the goddamn TV on
2 Columbians dead in a dope deal
No evidence but the motherf*ckers got they cap peeled
Somebody gotta die, you think it's funny
That's how it is when your livin' for the Dope, Pussy, & Money

[Chorus x8]
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